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Choosing Games: Questions to Ask

As you  shop for toys, Apps, and other fun things, there are basic principles to think about when selecting a game or activity for your child.  I would like to share these principles taken from my book Alphabet Soup: Stirring Your Child’s Interest in Letters with you over the next several blogs.  I would LOVE your feedback as to your favorite games or activities!


1. Is the game/activity appropriate for your child’s level of functioning and not his chronological age?  Remember, the activity needs to insure success.  Build on what your child already knows or is able to do.

2. Can it be adjusted to various ages?  Games that “grow” with your child may be more cost efficient.  Example: Connect Four (Hasbro): a young child may work with patterns as he places a red chip, a black chip, a red chip, etc.  As he matures, he will be able to play the game as created.




We have our second winner from the e mail list and PTAC sign up sheets.

Congratulations to Carol Bateman.  If you would e-mail me your address, I will mail your book Alphabet Soup: Stirring Your Child’s Interest in Letters.

This book based on my 35+ years of experience  is filled with pages of activities, pictures of normal pencil grips at various ages, ways to learn letters without a pencil,  fine motor suggestions for the bath and the kitchen, and so much more! The contents are listed on a previous blog and you can purchase the book at my website:

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Puzzles, Parquetry, and Pre Writing
Birth to 3 years of Age: building Hands for Fine Motor
Red Flags in Motor Development of Pre K children
Games and Activities to Enhance Handwriting Skills
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Alphabet Soup: Stirring Your Child’s Interest in Letters

The above is the title of my book that I wrote from 30 years experience working with your precious children.  I thought it might be helpful to see part of the Table of Contents:


Building Success

                                   Teaching Letter formations

                                  Components of Handwriting

                                  Handwriting Skills According to Age

                                  Pencil Grips According to Age

                                  Activities: How to plus developmental skills encouraged

                                  Kitchen Fine Motor Play

                                  Bathtub Play

                                  Learning Letters without a Pencil

                                  Adaptions of Classic Games

                                  Basic Principles When Choosing a Game or an Activity

                                  Commonly Asked Questions

And much more in the 76 pages written just for parents and teachers!!!

Find out how to order at

Handwriting Questions

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Alphabet Soup: Fun Activities to Stir Your Child's Interest in Letters by Lyn Armstrong O.T.R