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Lyn will be a speaker at the National Association for the Education of Young Children in November.  If you are unaware of this group, check out their wonderful website at  They have great products, resources and the latest information in the areas of education for children birth through age 8. My presentation called “Handwriting: There’s More to It than You Think” will be available here in November.



A special thanks to each of you wonderful preschool teachers who attended my seminars these past two days at Woodwind Presbyterian PTAC conference!!!!! I hope I was able to show my gratitude for all you do working with these precious children as well as provide you with workable information for your classrooms.  Please if you have questions or would like copies of my power point presentation, e mail or call me (you are welcome to these even if you could not attend!).

Please let me clear up one misunderstood point.  In my handwriting class, I suggested using a special “monk” grip for low tone children rather than using a gripper for the pencil.  I seemed to have left the impression that I do not use or approve of grippers.  This is not true!  I love pencil grippers and they are very appropriate IF they are the ones that the child should be using.  Its very difficult to use the same gripper for all the children in one classroom.  I hope this clears up this misunderstanding.  Thanks! Please see my blog on pencil grippers posted earlier.

Handwriting Questions

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