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Seating in a Classroom

Seating placement in a classroom can have an impact on a child’s learning success!  Here is a list of “ifs” that could help you optimize your child’s placement in a classroom. Other modifications may be necessary in conjunction to these suggestions.

If your child is sensitive to light, move him closer to natural light (sunlight) and away from overhead flourescent lighting.

If your child gets visually easily distracted, move him away from busy bulletin boards and encourage the teacher to stand in front of empty spaces rather than in front of bulletin boards.

If your child is sensitive to noise, move him away from the wall or doors adjacent to the hallways and away from other children who talk more.

If your child is sensitive to touch, encourage placement at the end of the line of children or on the end of a half circle of children (“the circle of children listening on the floor”).

If your child is short or tall for his age, make sure the desk and table are appropriate for his size: table/desk top should be 2 inches above his bent elbow and chair should allow feet to be flat on the floor.

If your child is sensitive to smells, move away from fragrances: perfumes, hand lotions, flowering plants, open windows, smells from the cafeteria.

Just a thought: Zephaniah 3:17: God rejoices over you with singing!


“Homework Place” Good Furniture

As you prepare a “homework” place for your child, please consider the right size furniture.  Our bodies need a chair that allows our feet to be on the floor and promotes good posture.  For the children who do not have good posture and need to lay their heads down on the table/desk or to hold onto the chair with one hand or like to sit on their feet in the chair, the chair may need arms to provide more postural stability.  The table/desk should be two inches above their bent elbows.  Good posture allows us to reach forward to write, color, uses scissors without subconscious fear of falling out of our chairs!  So please use child fitting furniture rather than adult fitting furniture if you want the very best writing, coloring, cutting from your child!

New Thoughts from Your Child

You know, Mom, I sit in a chair all day at school.  Do I have to sit down to do my homework?

Suggestions to Mom

If writing legibility does not fall apart, allow your child to stand at the table to do homework.

Have you tried allowing your child to lie on his stomach, propped on his arms on the floor to do his work?

Sitting in a bean bag chair for reading work can be very calming

If good handwriting is required, make sure the desk or table top is two inches above his bent elbow while sitting down in the chair.  Make sure your child sits in a chair which allows his feet to be flat on the floor.  This is important for good writing posture and good hand movement. It can be hard to do your best writing perched on a bar stool!

Handwriting Questions

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