Tying Shoes

There are many videos and websites with pictures and diagrams about tying the various knots for shoes!  Here are some tips I have learned as I have taught my clients over the years:

Flat shoes laces are easier to tie than round ones. Make sure they are an easy length to tie: not too long and not too short!

Begin teaching using two laces of different colors.  Children who have visual perceptual issues often can’t see white laces on a white shoe.  The laces “fade” into the shoe.

Be consistent with the same verbal instructions each time you teach.  Have the child repeat back the instructions. This is really important with children who have motor planning problems.  They need to “hear” the instructions plus model your movements!

If the loop on the lace is made at the end of the lace rather than close to the shoe,  place (with the child’s permission: some children do not want their good laces marked.  Use an old pair for practice!) small dots on the lace using a marker where the laces should come together to make the loop.  “The dots should touch each other”

If the child resists, try practicing the knots using a  favorite game.  Play the game but allow the child to have an extra turn if they will practice the knot.  Children usually can’t resist an extra turn!

Any other suggestions?  Lyn


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