Scissor Suggestions

As we end our series on scissor skills, there are several suggestions I would like to share:

1. For beginners, use a heavier paper than typing paper so the scissors and paper won’t bind creating frustration.  Try cutting play dough, old playing or greeting cards, old folders, drinking straws.  But remember, beginners are snippers, so give them short things to cut in half not long strips!

2. As the beginner advances,  I often have a pair of scissors that I name my alligator.  I also call the child’s scissors his alligator.  We are practicing cutting longer pieces of paper, etc. The child starts on one side of the paper and I start on the other side of the paper advancing faster or slower depending on how well the child is doing with cutting.  I start by saying: “Meet you in the middle! Here comes my alligator!”

3. If the child is having difficulty keeping his wrist sideways and up for scissor usage, tape the piece of paper to a wall, placing the cutting line down the middle of the paper and taping the lateral sides to the wall.  This vertical position requires the hand to be in the correct position.  If there is weakness, start off with shorter pieces of paper.  If a child has a lot of trouble with this, it may be wise to have a therapist look at his hands.

4. Please make sure your child is cutting a circle in the correct direction depending on his hand dominance.  We cut a certain direction because our wrist moves more easily.  Right handers: counter clockwise  Left handers: clockwise



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