Ready to Use Scissors?

Because development happens in a sequential fashion, it is important to respect the developmental sequence. This may help avoid frustration on your part (as you ask a child to do something they aren’t ready to do) and on the child’s part (whose nervous system is not ready to do this skill).  Stepping Stones Age Norms From Birth to Age Six by Keith E. Beery and Natasha A. Beery have given us developmental guidelines for scissor usage. Please remember however that each child develops at different rates.  You may have a child that is more advanced or one that is more immature than what is listed below as a guideline. Please work at the child’s developmental age level not his chronological age level to insure success! Make sure the scissors are safe and activities supervised.

2.7 years: Makes small snips with help

3.11 years: Cuts a piece of paper in half on a fairly straight line

4.7 years: Cuts out a big circle

4.11 years: Cuts pre drawn 4 inch square within 1/4 inch of line

4.11 years: Makes a collage of easy shapes after cutting out

5.5 years: Cuts cloth with scissors

5.11 years: Cuts out simple picture following a general outline within 1/4 inch

Psalm 139:14



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