Scissor Skills: Using Two Hands Together

When you are using scissors, it’s necessary for each hand to work separately but yet together.  Take a piece of paper and try cutting a circle out of it with a pair of scissors.  See how well your two hands work together!

Ideally, the dominant hand moves the scissors to cut the paper held in the other hand. The non dominant hand holding the paper will shift the paper, making it more easily cut.  However, frequently in my population, the “dominant” hand will hold the scissors still while the other hand holding the paper does all the work.  I see a lot of this with children who are late deciding which hand to use; or tend to still be deciding which hand to use; or cut going the wrong way.   Therefore it’s important to encourage activities which require the two hands working together: stringing beads, lacing cards, tearing various weights of paper, “pie pan painting” *, buttoning, wringing outwash cloths/sponges, nuts and bolts and the list can go on!  What fun activities have you tried?

*Pie pan painting: place a piece of paper in a pan with a rim on it (pie pan or round cake pan).  Dip a marble or marbles in washable paint.  Place the marbles in the pan encouraging the child to tilt the pan in various directions, creating an abstract painting.  For kindergarten and up there is a game called TracKit which uses this concept to help teach letters, numbers, etc. using a ball bearing slider ( Its challenging but fun!!!!


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