Visual Perception: Blocks and Puzzles

Is your child having trouble drawing a square?  Can he make a square out of blocks?

As a child develops concepts of up, down, around, left ,right, etc. with his body, he is also playing with these concepts in toy play.  Seeing a five-year old child who
cannot draw a square, I may ask him to make a square with blocks.  Often they cannot which means we need to begin with the three D concept of a square before teaching the drawing strokes of a square.

Let’s look at what concepts must develop to eventually draw that square:

Vertical: up and down: Near one year of age, a child begins to stack toys.  Playing with the concept of vertical, a child at this age may be successful with two or three blocks. But they are successful!

Horizontal:  Closer to two years of age, a child will align blocks in a row.

Combining vertical and horizontal: Nearing two and a half, a child can make a line of blocks but also adds blocks on top.

But not until they have taken these concepts and used a pencil to develop these same concepts through scribbling, imitation and finally copying, can they eventually draw a square around age four and a half.  Pretty amazing!!!!! Please encourage lots of toy play!!!! Don’t forget blocks!  Don’t forget puzzles!

Puzzle play:  next blog!


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