Visual Perception: Body Scheme/Awareness

We learn about our body from our various sensory systems.  Here are short explanations of how some of the less familiar sensory systems affect our body scheme/awareness: Remember they all work together!

Vestibular (parts of our brain and inner ear): Tells us where are in space and whether we are moving or our world is moving; enables our body to adjust to the movement; helps regulate muscle tone (the tension of your muscles at rest).

Tactile: Helps us discriminate what an object or body part is and the characteristics of it (weight, texture) by touch alone; helps protect our body from harm (pulling away from a hot stove).

Proprioceptive (receptors in and around our joints and muscles): Tells us about the movement of our body against itself (ex: doing push ups); movement of our body in relationship to itself (arms crossing midline); tells us where our body is in space.

Work with your children to build body awareness by getting them moving!!!!!

Join me with the next blog as we talk about how a child applies the concepts he learns with his body in block play!









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