Visual Perception: Body

Many of the visual concepts of space which includes directional sense are learned body first and then  interwoven with experiences with three-dimensional play (toys) and finally on paper.  Below are examples of concepts learned through the body:

—3 months: rolling over: circular movement
—7 months: banging with arms: vertical
—9 months: horizontal movements: pat a cake  or claps
—1 year: stretches arms up “so big”   vertical,
walking (vertical movement)
on all fours: square
As we talk about toy play in other blogs, we will see the one year old child begin to stack blocks putting to use the vertical concepts learned with his body.  Then he will be able at two to imitate a vertical line and by almost three copy a vertical line.  Let’s explore some of our senses which contribute to developing these body concepts and actually a workable “body scheme or awareness”!
Please don’t forget that body, play, and paper are an evolving developmental process that are interdependent on each other.  They aren’t individual processes because that is not how our body works!  Keep your child moving, building, and having fun with paper!



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