5 Home Routine Suggestions

  1. Mornings: Post a daily routine chart.  If it needs to vary from day to day, use a
    wipe off board or use pictures attached to a backing with Velcro.  Make your child aware of the schedule the night before.
  2. Have a place to study with child size furniture.  The table or desk should be
    two inches above a child’s bent elbow when sitting in the chair.  The chair should allow his feet to be flat on the floor. This place needs a place for his folders, backpack, etc.
  3. Ask your child what helps him stay focused.  Some children need to doodle when being read to.  Others need to chew gum or listen to music as they work.   But there is a fine balance between focusing and being distracted!
  4. Always place papers back into folders and folders back into backpacks the night before.
    A check off list for each day may be a good visual aide and reminder.
  5. When possible, choose the same color of folder for the same subject each year.  For
    example, choose a red folder for reading each year.  Children with organizational weaknesses may find it easier to have the same color folder or notebook divider for the same subject each year.  Consistency is important for children!

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