Video Game Caution

Fine motor skills such as holding and moving a pencil, buttoning buttons, tying shoes require our thumbs to touch the tip of our index  and middle fingers.  Our thumb has to rotate downwards to do this, using smaller muscles of the thumb.  Many video game controllers require the thumb to move sideways rather than rotating downward (unless using a stylus).  It’s important to encourage other activities to develop this downward movement which helps holding and moving a pencil more efficiently.  Some ideas would be: using a strawberry huller or toaster tongs to pick up small objects or snacks (adult supervision please), lacing, sewing or beading crafts for older youngsters, tearing paper, peg games, board games with smaller pieces (adult supervision please).  Try to balance out the time spent with video game controls with  activities like these which require downward movement of the  thumb.



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