Dysgraphia: Help! 10 Tips For Helping

1. Understanding: Understand the child’s inconsistencies in performance.  A spelling test may produce more legible writing than a paragraph that the child may have to think of and write quickly.  The paragraph which requires complex thought organization and writing of these thoughts on a page in a readable format may be more challenging than writing familar words or writing in a handwriting workbook.

Something to remember:  The brain seems to prioritize written expression (thought organization, spelling, grammar, punctuation) over motor control and spacing.  So if a child is really working on “written expression”, often the writing’s legibility will decrease as well as his ability to space between words or put letters in or on the lines.

2. Encourage organizational strategies such as outlining, webbing.  Please see www.donjohnston.com or www.Idonline.org for great writing software.

3. Allow alternate ways of expression such as the use of a scribe, taping thoughts, use of a computer. 

Stay with me for the remainder of modifications! I will also include a simple screening test that will help you figure out what is going on with your child’s writing.


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