Dysgraphia: Help!!! 3 Subtypes

There are three subtypes of dysgraphia based on the previously discussed articles.  For each type, the child struggles to translate his thoughts to writing.  Difficult subject matter amplifies the writing challenges.  When a child must respond quickly, his writing suffers because he is so focused on “what to say” rather than how to express his thoughts in writing. Factors such as attention can effect this. 

Dyslexic Dysgraphia: Spelling is very difficult for the child.  However, the child may be able to copy and draw fairly well.  Hand and finger activities are done well except for writing.  In Dyslexic Dysgraphia, you may also see captial letters or large spaces in the middle of words and shorter/simpler words more neatly and evenly written than unfamilair or long words. 

My next posts will discuss Dysgraphia due to Motor clumsiness and Dysgraphia due to Poor Understanding of Space.


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