More Thoughts From Your Child

Mom, you know all the overhead lights in my class really make my eyes hurt.  Then when I have to write on that “bright white” paper, it makes my eyes really tired!!!

Children may be overly sensitive to the brightness of light.  This may affect their handwriting and reading as the contrast between the black print and white background may be uncomfortable. 

Try: Printing their worksheets on pastel colored paper, blue, purple and yellow, favorites of my clients

        For reading, use a colored plastic overlay placed over the page to be read

        Moving their seat near natural light and away from fluorescent lighting

        Allow sunglasses or a hat indoors  

Ensure that their sensitivity symptoms such as frequently rubbing their eyes, squinting, covering their eyes with their hands are not due to an actual visual acuity, tracking or convergence problem. Have their eyes checked by a professional.


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