More Thoughts from Your Child

When I come home from school, usually its been a very hard day.  I have to listen, remember, be nice to others, follow instructions, and remember what to bring home plus lots of other things!  When I have had a really bad day with too much to do and remember, I may want to either be quiet for a while to unwind or be very active to unwind.  Watch me when I come home and see what I gravitate to.  Usually though I don’t realize it, I am helping myself unwind.  So watch and wonder!  Just keep me safe!

Calming activities:  deep pressure like sitting in a beanbag chair, music of different rhythms (your child has a favorite), slow rhythmical rocking, neutral warmth (sleeping bag, blanket, favorite coat)

Outside unwinding: swinging, climbing, digging, pulling or pushing a wagon, moving lawn furniture

How does your child unwind?


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