A New Beginning: Sadness

Sadness is also part of the grieving process.  There may be sadness when you watch your child struggle with things that should be easy for him.  Missed milestones such as walking or speaking later than expected, failing a school grade, difficulties with playing with other children can bring sadness.  As we talked about last week with anger, we all have expectations for our children and when these are not met, we can experience anger and now sadness.  It’s important to have a support group or friend who can help you talk through your emotions and better understand your child.  This could be a group of parents, a dear friend, or a professional counselor.  Encourage your child even when you are feeling sad.  Remember they may be experiencing sadness knowing they have not met your expectations or their own expectations.  Guard against depression in yourself and your child by seeking professional help when the sadness lasts too long and keeps you or your child from moving forward with your life.


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