Encouragement to Parents: Learning Styles

If you were to sit down with your child to play a new game, would he say “just tell me what to do”, or “let’s just play and I will learn as I go” or “let me read the instructions.’  The auditory (hearing primarily) learner would say “just tell me what to do”.  The tactile/kinesthetic learner who learns best by moving through a new project would say “let’s just play”.  The visual learner would say “let me read the instructions”. 

Once you determine which style of learner your child is, the easier it will be to use his learning style to help with his weakness.  For example, if your child learns best by reading or looking at things rather than listening, flash cards would be better than memorizing addition facts by repeating them over and over. 

Always, despite how your child learns, we all learn better using all of our senses at the same time.  You might see this with learning a new letter.  A child may learn it quicker if he can make the letter with his body (tactile/kinesthetic), while saying (auditory) “t”, big line down, little line in the middle (moving arms out to side) and watching other classmates do the same (visual).

Have fun learning about your child!


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