7. Is the writing legible when the student writes a familiar word?
a. Is letter formation the issue or is it spelling or both? When your child writes a familar word, is the writing more legible than when he writes a new spelling word?  If so, spelling may be the  issue causing the slowness of writing or decreased legibility.  Help him with his spelling. If the letter formation continues to deteriorate as he writes even familar words, it may that the recall of how to spell the word as well as the retrieval of how to form the letters is over riding the motor output, contributing to a decrease in legibility. Continue to work with making the letters automatic (where he doesn’t have to think about them).  Offer alternate ways of writing such as using a scribe, keyboarding.  With some children using cursive, once they thoroughly know the letters, is more efficient and speedy.



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Handwriting Questions

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