5. Can the student write each letter with his eyes closed, forming them correctly on unlined paper? 

When we write a letter, we are matching it with the picture of the letters we have in our head.  If your child is able to write a letter with his eyes closed, you know that he has the correct picture in his head of the letter.  You also know that he is getting good feedback through his finger movements when he writes the letter.  Try the following exercise, noting which letters your child hestitates on.  These will be the letters to work on as they are not automatic yet.

With eyes closed, ask your child (late kindergarden or above) to write his lower case letters with his eyes closed on a piece of unlined paper.  If he cannot manage remembering the sequence plus writing it, call out the alphabet sequence. Letters that take longer to write are not automatic and need further repetition with his eyes open. Observe the “tallness” of the letters.  The consistent “tallness” of the letters may reveal the ideal width of lines that the child is comfortably able to move his fingers between for writing.  It may be necessary to increase or decrease the width of lines on his paper. Observe if the line of letters is relatively straight.  If the letters are scattered all over the page, he may not be getting good feedback as he writes. Encourage him to squeeze a ball, rub his hand with a textured cloth to help “wake up” his hand before he writes.



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