3. Can the student hold a pencil in a functional grip and maintain it? 
a. Does a pencil gripper help? There are many commercially available pencil grippers.  Its important to find one that “fits” your child’s fingers and is comfortable to your child.  Encourage the use of it with coloring and drawing first as an adjustment period. 

b. Does an inclined surface such as an inclined clipboard help? Using an inclined surface (like the old desks use to be) helps pull in the wrist muscles to help with an appropriate grip.  You can take a fat three ring binder, keep it closed, and place the ring side away from your child thus creating an inclined surface.  If this makes a difference order one from www.theraproducts.com or a similar site.

c. Is the pencil grip better when writing on a vertical surface? Practice writing on a vertical surface such as an easel, a chalkboard placed on the wall or even painting with water using a smaller paint brush on the side of your house. This will help strengthen the arm and hand muscles needed for good writing. Sometimes the grip is better in this position because once again the wrist muscles are helping with the gripping.



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Handwriting Questions

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