2. Can the student maintain an appropriate posture for writing?

Last week we discussed the importance of having the correct size of furniture for your student when he writes.

This week we will look at what is necessary for good posture.

A. Good muscle tone (tension of muscles at rest) and good muscle strength: These are developed through movement.  Playground play is very important to developing good strength.  Encourage playing, reading, watching t.v. while lying on the stomach supported by forearms.  Keep your child moving with fun activities.

B. Balance: There are two kinds of balance: dynamic and static.  Dynamic balance helps us stay upright while we are moving such as jumping, running, hopping.  Static balance helps us stay seated in an upright position. 

C. Good body awareness based on the input we receive through our joints.

D. Stability which is developed when all the above work well together.  Our body needs to feel stable before we are able to move from one position to another such as reaching across the desk for a book or leaning down to pick up a pencil from the floor.

Purposeful movement helps develop good posture.  Keep your children moving!

Next week we will look at why some children are late establishing a hand dominance.  Have a good week!


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