To help you determine where your child is developmentally with his handwriting skills, I have included an overview of different skills and when they develop based on the works of the Gessell Institute and the works of Keith E. Beery.  This is not an inclusive list but rather an overview.  Please remember that each child develops differently.    

   Handwriting Skills According to Age (overview):

Two to Two and a half years:
 Makes a circle after a parent makes one first, but child may still scribble the circle
 Scribbled lines cross over each other  

Three years:  

Copies a vertical line from a picture
Well defined horizontal line
Makes a crude cross after watching someone else draw one (imitation)
Copies a drawing of a circle
Uses either hand for writing

Four years:  

     Colors in one direction
     Places blocks diagonally when building
     Copies a cross and square (corners rounded at 4.6 years)
     Draws crude man with three body parts
     Prints letters randomly on page
     Letters may be in parts
    Five years:
     Copies triangle from a picture
     Draws a recognizable man with torso
     Coloring within the lines more easily
     Crudely prints name from memory, letters may be large or reversed
     Attempts to draw recognizable animals, trees, building, houses
     Prints several capital letters from memory

Five and a half years:
Writes from right to left at times
Clearly prints first name from memory
Established hand for writing  

Six years:
Draws triangles from memory
Prints all letters plus numbers 0 to 9 from memory
Prints simple words from memory  

Adapted from reference from Illg and Ames, Beery  

Remember it’s always wise to consult your pediatrician or another professional if you have worries about your child’s developmental skills.   

If your child is having difficulty holding a pencil correctly for his age level, you might try one of the commercially available grips pictured here.







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