1. Is the student developmentally ready to write? 

             a. Have they mastered vertical, horizontal, and diagonals?

              Children learn the concepts of vertical, horizontal, and diagonal perception from their body movements first.  Secondly, they experiment with this perception with play.  Notice how a child stacks blocks first (vertical) and then lines the blocks longwise (horizontal).  Not until a child is between 4 1/2 and 5 years old will the diagonal placement of blocks occur.  While this block building stage is going on, the child will also play with marking lines in a vertical, horizontal, and eventually a diagonal placement.  You will see it first in scribbling and then in imitation of your marks, and then in copying.  When working with practicing lines using a marker or crayon, always begin with larger movements as our larger joints and muscles have better motor memory.  So if your child is having difficulty with writing his name, be sure and check to see if all the developmental skills are there for writing the letters.

Great books for developmental levels are by Illg and Ames.



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